Life’s difficulties can sometimes cloud our clarity, shake our confidence, and make it hard to embrace change. Here, every woman will find a supportive space to regain her clarity, strengthen her confidence, and gracefully adapt to life’s changes.

Whether you’re dealing with relationship and family dynamics, managing stress, facing job loss, adjusting to new life roles, or navigating other major life transitions, I'm here to support you in embracing your unique journey and achieving personal fulfillment.

Online Counselling

for Women

I partner with you to uncover and nurture your inner resources, guiding you towards transformative self-awareness and resilience.

Together, we'll explore your experiences and challenges in a supportive environment, enabling you to develop the skills and confidence needed to navigate life’s complexities. By embracing your personal strengths and learning new coping strategies, you'll find greater balance and fulfillment in every aspect of your life.

Let’s get to know one another…

I am originally from Singapore and now settled in Canada with my husband and four adult children. My life's journey has given me a wealth of experiences and cross-cultural sensitivity, providing me with a unique perspective on the challenges you may be facing.

In addition to being a certified counselor, I am also a Certified AI Consultant and hold certifications in Career and Vocation Counselling, Life Skills Coaching, Strategic Intervention, Disaster Recovery, and Trauma-Informed Care.

I am honored to have authored several books, including 'From Hurting to Healing,' which received the 2023 Platinum MarCom Award. Additionally, I wrote a 30-day guided journal 'Gratitude Unleashed.'

Beyond my professional career, I have decades of experience in community support roles, assisting adults in navigating various life challenges, including crisis intervention and emergency provisions. I have also served as secretary and president for five years for a non-profit organization. I was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation and recognized by the Legislative Assembly of Alberta for outstanding volunteerism, an honor presented by the Honourable Rebecca Schulz, MLA for Calgary-Shaw and Minister of Environment and Protected Areas.

This is how I can help...

Are you feeling overwhelmed by life's challenges? Whether you're struggling with stress, anxiety, career changes in the AI era, women's issues, mental health, relationships, or specific concerns like Asperger's, autism, or hoarding, I can help. Financial worries, family conflicts, and self-esteem struggles can be daunting, and cross-cultural issues or recovering from trauma can make life even more challenging.

As a dedicated counselor, I will work with you to find clarity, build confidence, and create meaningful change. You don’t have to face these challenges alone. I offer personalized therapy plans using a variety of evidence-based approaches. Cultural sensitivity is central to my work as we explore your thoughts, emotions, and their impact on behavior. Together, we will develop helpful coping skills and reshape limiting beliefs. You'll gain the tools and insights needed to navigate life's challenges.

Let's begin the journey...

Taking the first step is often the hardest, but you don't have to do it all by yourself. My approach to therapy is built on compassion and centers entirely on you. Your unique needs and goals are my priority. We'll embark on a journey of discovery, tackling your obstacles and paving the way to a life full of possibilities, where you feel renewed and strong.

Navigating life's challenges can be tough, and whether you're facing immediate hurdles or aiming for long-term goals, I’m here to offer the guidance you need on your journey. I'm eager to start a conversation tailored just for you. I’m all ears when it comes to listening to your concerns and discussing how counseling can profoundly benefit you. I provide a safe space where you can express yourself freely and without judgment. My approach is client-centered, always prioritizing your well-being with compassion, respect, and confidentiality.

I specialize in women's issues, career challenges, AI & The Future of Work, life transitions, relationship conflict, stress, and anxiety. In our initial sessions, we will collaborate to explore these areas and develop a personalized plan to support your growth and well-being. Many clients see meaningful changes and feel more empowered within a short time, and continued progress thereafter.

I offer appointments on weekdays, in the evenings, and on weekends. All sessions are conducted online via video conferencing.

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